INTACT: Journal Entry 1

Studying at the Ateneo de Manila was my father’s dream for himself. However, due to my paternal grandparent’s lack of financial resources, he was never able to fulfill that dream. Knowing about this, I persevered and worked hard in my high school years, and fortunately, this paved me the way to be granted an academic scholarship at the Ateneo de Manila. But aside from this reason, I chose to study in the Ateneo because I fell in love with Jesuit formation as I attended my high school at the Ateneo de Naga. I am aware that the Ateneo way, guided by the teachings of St. Ignatius of Loyola, involves promoting Cura Personalis — the care for the whole person — which means prioritizing the welfare of the members of the community above anything else. I can say that this is the kind of institution in which I want to grow. Moreover, I chose Communications Technology Management because I am a freelance layout artist and I know that the course will help me improve my skills in design. I believe that incorporating creativity in the business world is essential and I know that ComTech will teach us how to do that effectively.

Honestly, I am still overwhelmed by the online setup because I’ve been accustomed to studying in school and I can say I learn best on campus. I am able to understand the lessons better when an instructor delivers in person and when I am with my classmates, engaging in discourses about the topics. With the necessity to adjust, however, I have been continuously improving this by paying much attention to my modules and employing the study techniques I had then, especially note-taking using an actual pen and paper. Furthermore, I believe that my skills in graphic designing, which I developed through the years, will be of great help to me as I go through the rigors of my course. My organization skills will supplement this and help me prevent requirements from piling up with no sense of order at all. My interpersonal skills will also be beneficial as I collaborate with my classmates in group tasks and, most importantly, build lasting relationships with them that would motivate me as I strive to surpass the trials of college education.

Considering the circumstances, I believe that I can make my Atenean journey more fruitful by connecting and building lasting relationships with the people I will be with. I know that we can learn to improve ourselves best through our interactions with the people around us who come from various contexts. This molds us as persons-in-community and prepares us to take the bigger responsibility of being persons for and with others. Additionally, I shall remain firm and active in advancing modern-day advocacies by participating in the endeavors of the different organizations of the Ateneo. It would be vital, nonetheless, to adjust with the academic standards first and know how to balance it with extracurricular involvements. Overall, I am truly looking forward to venturing what’s in store for me in this new chapter of my life.




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Jancent Bagasbas

Jancent Bagasbas

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